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A new brand of primary care.

Latest News: Woodlands Primary Care is Growing! We have a new location at 1921 E. Nine Road in Pensacola and continue to offer primary care services at North Davis Hwy., in Pensacola.


Tracy Redmond, ARNP, joins our North Davis Location and Jeana Varner, ARNP, joins our Nine Mile location. Welcome to Woodlands! Stay tuned to learn more about these providers. 


The Woodlands’ state-of-the-art Primary Care division in Pensacola, Florida was formed out of our desire to grow in patient-focused care for our patients. Our services include preventive care in addition to the diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions from the common cold, diabetes, hypertension to chronic medical conditions and much more. It is our goal to be the destination for your every medical need with convenient access to our advanced diagnostic imaging and onsite lab services. For the convenience of our patients, we offer summer evening extended hours until 7pm on Monday and Thursday at our North Davis location.

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Our Physicians and Providers

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North Davis Location

Primary Care - Specialist in Internal Medicine

Nine Mile Location

Karen Snow, M.D. Primary Care - Specialist in Family Medicine
Primary Care - Specialist in Family Medicine
Jennifer Miley, M.D. Primary Care - Specialist in Family Medicine
Primary Care - Specialist in Family Medicine
Hillary Hultstrand, M.D. Primary Care - Specialist in Family Medicine
Primary Care- Specialist in Family Medicine
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Welcome to a Patient Focused Brand of Healthcare

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