Maurice L. Bouchard, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Bouchard knows about service. He has served, cared for and treated a great number of people from shore to shore and, beyond-all, by serving his country. As a retired Navy Commander, Dr. Bouchard brings a sense of foundation and order to the Woodlands Medical Specialists, acting as inspiration mentor to not only his patients, but also to his fellow comrades. Originally introduced to the Pensacola area back in 1988, Dr. Bouchard worked at the Naval Hospital, where he also earned a Teacher of the Year Award. He has since grown a network of close relationships with patients and physicians. Now, as part of the Woodlands Medical Specialists, Dr. Bouchard brings his 20 years of knowledge, experience and deep roots in the community back to the human side of medicine. He is a resident of The New Hampshire George Washington University Medical School and completed his residency at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego. Dr. Bouchard is board certified in the practice of Urology. When not involving himself in organizations such as the American Medical Association, Florida Medical Society, Escambia County Medical Society and the Florida State University Medical Staff, to name a few, he takes to nature, hunting and fishing with his three sons, or spending time with his wife in the garden.

David P. Bernstein, M.D. UrologyBrett L. Parra, M.D. Urology