Woodlands Medical Specialists now provides Prone Breast Radiotherapy in breast cancer patients.

large_Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.55.16 PMThe traditional radiation treatment of breast cancer entails the use of two radiation beams (fields) angled tangentially along the chest wall to include the entire breast of the patient who is positioned supinely (face up).  These beams point in opposite directions with both aimed at the same point within the breast, called the isocenter.

However, some patients are best treated while in a prone position, that is while lying on “the belly”.  Patients who have large, pendulous breasts are the usual candidates for prone breast treatment due to the fact that, while on their back, the treated breast may not settle into the same position from one treatment day to the next. Exact reproducibility of patient anatomy is a very important requirement for accurate radiation therapy.

Woodlands Medical Specialists now has a special Bionix® Prone Breast System. This system enables the patient to lay face down, in a prone position, during treatment.  It is specially designed to provide optimum patient comfort.  The treated breast is positioned over an opening and, due to gravity, settles into the exact same location every treatment day.  Studies show that by using the prone position, this allows less heart and lung radiation does during treatment delivery as well as improve the effects of radiation on the treated skin.

This technique may not be suitable for all women. Your Radiation Oncologist will provide an assessment as to what treatment option will benefit you most prior to treatment.

Dr. Ifran Ahmed specializes in Prone Breast Radiotherapy. If you have questions about this type of treatment, you may email our Radiation Oncology division or call 850-696-4000.