Woodlands Medical Specialists Offers CT Lung Screenings

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The National Cancer Institute has found that CT Lung screenings can reduce the risk of lung cancer deaths by 20%. Get the peace of mind you deserve, schedule an appointment. Call 850-696-4000 for additional information regarding CT Lung Screening or to schedule an appointment at Woodlands. Visit the American Cancer Society at http://www.cancer.org/cancer/news/new-lung-cancer-screening-guidelines-f... to read [...]

Clinical Trials at Woodlands

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The Woodlands Oncology team is engaged in active clinical and academic research, including new and exciting treatments to help our patients fight cancer. Woodland's current open clinical trials include MDS / Breast / Colorectal / Lymphoma / Gastrointestinal / Brain. To find out more about our clinical trials or to participate, email info@woodlandsmed.com or call 850-696-4000. Click here to learn more about the [...]

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