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The Hematology-Oncology division of the Woodlands Medical Specialists is a state-of-the-art treatment facility in Pensacola, Florida. Our cancer center is a community of caring, a place where people are called by name, treated with dignity, and surrounded by a positive, experienced team of professionals. Our team comes to work each day with a single goal—to combat cancer, one patient at a time.

As the area leader in cancer care, the physicians of the Woodlands Radiation Oncology cancer center know that a major part of your treatment is empowerment. Our knowledgeable staff – along with our experienced and devoted physicians – bring a level of care and customized, evidence-based treatment plans that lighten the load and move you toward the right path to recovery. No other team treats more cancer patients in the community.

The Urology Division at the Woodlands is a state-of-the-art treatment facility and brings together a team of compassionate specialists who treat diseases and abnormalities of the male and female urinary system, as well as those involving the male internal and external genitalia. As your physicians, we are committed to excellence and the physician-patient relationships. We will do everything possible to provide the highest quality of medical care and professional services for you.

Woodlands Medical Specialists leads a new era for women’s breast health in the greater Pensacola and surrounding areas. Our breast health facilities are unlike anything else offered and were uniquely designed to provide an alternative to the standard experience for breast care. We know that mammograms and breast biopsies are typically stressful on women and we’ve designed our facility to remove the negative elements and create a truly warm and inviting atmosphere. It is no doubt that our breast health team and specialty-trained radiologists focus exclusively on the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The Woodlands’ state-of-the-art Primary Care division in Pensacola, Florida was formed out of our desire to grow in patient-focused care for our patients. This department strives to offer care for a wide range of medical conditions ranging from the common cold to hypertension to chronic medical conditions. It is our goal to be the destination for your every medical need in one convenient location. With our on-site diagnostic imaging, laboratory, hypertension equipment, and evening appointment hours, our department will accommodate our patients to the best of our ability.

Whether it is ordered by a referring physician or a specialist, as a patient, you can choose your provider for diagnostic imaging. Woodlands Diagnostic Imaging services provide a high quality, low cost option with the best patient experience, compared to traditional imaging centers in the Pensacola area. The Woodlands Center for Specialized Medicine features some of the most advanced diagnostic testing equipment in the Pensacola area. Many of our state-of-the-art technologies are found in national treatment centers, and are all housed here, locally, in our 76,000 square foot facility. As a result, our patients can expect to receive a seamless, personalized delivery of care and receive results from their diagnostic imaging sooner. Woodlands Medical Specialists just acquired the newest 64 slice CT scanner technology that GE has released to the public. It is the newest and latest of CT scanner located in the Pensacola area.

Woodlands Weight Management & Wellness Center is a full service medically supervised weight loss practice, located at our North Davis location in Pensacola, FL. Our mission is to help patients improve their health by achieving and maintaining their goal body weight. We do this through a comprehensive plan of nutrition, exercise, education, behavioral counseling, and medication when needed. Woodlands Weight Management & Wellness Center is a medically supervised program, which means that you will be cared for in a clinical setting by a nurse practitioner with specialty training in obesity medicine working under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Because we are a medically supervised program, health insurance plans cover your treatment in our program. All Medicare insurance plans and most commercial insurance have “wellness” benefits that cover weight loss management at no cost to patients. Our office staff will be able to tell you what, if any, co-pay, coinsurance, or deductible would apply to your consultation. To learn more about our program, visit our website at www.WoodlandsWeightCenter.com.