Woodlands Diabetes Self-Management Education is an extensive educational course designed to teach patients with diabetes how to better monitor and manage their symptoms and health.

This course is certified by the American Diabetes Association. The support and education provided has been shown to reduce hospital admissions and reduce risk for future health complications related to diabetes.


Woodlands’ Diabetes Self-Management & Education Course includes six lessons.

The learning sessions consists of small group meetings with our state-licensed registered dietitian, Deanna Cheathem. During these sessions, patients will be able to ask questions, view examples, and engage with one another and the instructor.


DSME patients will learn valuable tools to help them manage and understand their diabetes. Course content includes learning about the benefits of regular exercise, the effects of food and exercise on blood glucose, choosing an exercise plan, how to manage hypoglycemia and exercise, proper food/insulin adjustments, and tips for staying on track with your health.

We are proud to offer Diabetes Self-Management Education courses for our patients. This educational program, designed by the American Diabetes Association, has been shown to reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions for diabetic patients, as well as reduce the onset or advancement of diabetes-related health complications.

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Woodlands’ Diabetes Self-Management & Education course is covered by most insurances.

We also offer a manageable self-pay rate for underinsured patients.

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