Woodlands Urology Prostate Cancer Screening

Make a Game Plan!

1 out of 6 men will get Prostate Cancer.

Our Woodlands Urology team encourages men to get the facts about screening for Prostate Cancer. One in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the U.S. during their lifetime. We encourage men at the age of 40, to start the conversation with their doctor about prostate cancer screening. The decision to screen is one that a man should make with his doctor and should be personalized. A simple conversation about screening for prostate cancer just might save your life and can now be done through a simple blood test called the PSA test.

Men are 24% less likely than women to have visited the doctor within the past year. It’s time for men to take charge of their health and take the time to make your health a priority!

Ask your doctor if prostate cancer screening if right for you. You may also schedule an appointment with one of our urologists. No referral is necessary at Woodlands Medical Specialists to see a urologist. Click here to learn more about Woodlands Urology or call 850-696-4000 to schedule your appointment.