Remember, when it comes to medical imaging, patients do have a choice for their imaging needs. Patients are now learning that they should price comparison shop for their healthcare expenditures. There are many options to choose from for diagnostic imaging and patients are now discussing with their physicians and providers those available options in the market and which option is the best choice for their situation. As a patient, I like to research my options for imaging just as I would price shop for consumer goods. Here are a few steps to follow;

– Research available imaging options in your area.

– Compare imaging costs among providers. This process is as simple as calling and asking for a quote. Be sure to ask if they charge a facility fee. Many tradtional imaging providers charge facility fees to cover operating costs. Try to avoid those extra fees.

– Discuss with your physician or provider that you would like to have your imaging performed at XYZ. Remember, the patient has the right to choose their provider.

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