Woodlands Medical Specialists is now filling prescription medications for oncology patients.

This service allows for treating patients to pick up their Woodlands medications during their next visit— rather than making an additional trip to the pharmacy. 

For certain medications, Woodlands offers complimentary home shipping, designed for when treatment visits are less frequent.

Woodlands is very excited to offer this service, as we would like your treatment plan to be as hassle-free and whole as possible.  We believe this service will bring higher quality patient-education on treatment medicines, and lead to better patient care.  

Our mix team has direct communication with your treating physician, so inaccurate prescription types of dosages can be a thing of the past.  There is no phone call,  no faxing, and no third-party communication to cause any confusion.  Your medication is diagnosed, designed and delivered directly to you by Woodlands. 

For more information, please ask any member of your oncology team during your next visit, or call us at 850-696-4000, and ask to speak with “Woodlands Prescription Center”.

We look forward to the opportunity to more wholly serve you during your treatment journey.