What You Need to Know About Lung Nodules

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Lung (Pulmonary) Nodules and CT screening for Lung Cancer – Overview  What is a lung nodule? Lung nodules, also called pulmonary nodules, are round or oval spots in the lungs discovered with chest x-rays or CT scans. Studies of patients undergoing CT scans of the chest to screen for lung cancer have shown that more [...]

Woodlands Receives Lung Screening Center Accreditation

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We are pleased to announce that Woodlands Medical Specialists has been designated by the American College of Radiology as a Screening Center of Excellence to perform CT Lung Screening. The ACR Lung Cancer Screening Center designation is a voluntary program that recognizes facilities that have committed to practice safe, effective diagnostic care for individuals at the [...]

Lung Health Community Talk

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When: Thursday, November 20 Time: 6:00-7:30pm Where: Woodlands Medical Specialists @ 4724 North Davis Hwy., Pensacola Registration suggested by calling 696-4000 or emailinfo@woodlandsmed.com Featured Topics and Physician Panel Smoking Cessation with Mike Kovach, A.P. Lung Cancer Screening with Woodlands Oncologists Dr. Alejandro Inclan, Dr. Rami Owera and Dr. Jamal Joudeh Lung Health with Woodlands Primary [...]

Supporting Evidence For Lung Cancer Screening Coverage

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Evidence now shows that lung cancer screening could save tens of thousands of lives each year when diagnosed early. However, lung cancer screening is yet to be covered by insurance. A recently published article (see below) provides research on the cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening. Bottom Line: CT Scan of the lungs may detect lung [...]

Woodlands Medical Specialists Offers CT Lung Screenings

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The National Cancer Institute has found that CT Lung screenings can reduce the risk of lung cancer deaths by 20%. Get the peace of mind you deserve, schedule an appointment. Call 850-696-4000 for additional information regarding CT Lung Screening or to schedule an appointment at Woodlands. Visit the American Cancer Society at http://www.cancer.org/cancer/news/new-lung-cancer-screening-guidelines-f... to read [...]

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