What do you know about breast cancer and mammograms? Take the challenge!

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We're raising awareness about breast health during Breast Cancer Awareness month! However, women should get educated about breast cancer and mammograms, not just during the month of October. Learn More.  Take The Challenge. Start The Conversation. 

New Research About Screening Mammograms For Women 75 And Older

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A new study was recently published indicating women age 75 and older may still benefit from screening mammograms. Read more of this article below. Woodlands Oncologist, Dr. Jamal Joudeh, provided his feedback on this new study. Based on this new report, Dr. Jamal Joudeh commented, "I recommend for women age 75 and older to continue screening [...]

Start Mammograms at 40

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Woodlands Medical Specialists is educating women about the importance of screening mammograms and urging them to start mammograms at 40. Schedule a yearly mammogram for early detection if you're 40 or older. Insurance covers screening mammograms for women 40 and over. Schedule your mammogram by Thanksgiving and be entered into a drawing to win a luxurious day [...]

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