Thank you to Kalie Desimone, WEAR TV reporter, for stopping by Woodlands to “Test Drive” the da Vinci Robot. Read the article below and watch the video here.

Advanced robotic surgery offered in Pensacola

Woodlands Medical Specialists located in Pensacola is trying to bring attention to its level of expertise in robotic surgeries. So what does this mean for its robotic surgical institute and the Gulf Coast region?

The machine looks like something out of a sci-fi film or tv show but its helping patients recover much faster.

This is the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, it takes up a lot of space but it can aid surgeons in getting into some of the smallest parts of the body.

“You can do anything,” said Dr. Jeffrey Wolters.

Surgeons who are part of the Robotic Surgical Institute at Woodlands Medical Specialists have completed more than 1,000 robotic-assisted surgeries for a wide range of urological conditions.

“It’s very cool, very space agey,” Wolters said.

This technology is nothing new to our area but Doctor Wolters says the difference comes in experience and training.

“A large part of what we offer here,” Wolters said.

Dr. Jeffery Wolters says it’s important to never loose sight of the patients needs and comfort. Part of that is letting them know, they don’t have to travel further than their own back yard to receive state of the art surgery.


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